On February 22nd 2010, my son was born at 24 weeks gestation, weighing a mere 1 pound 8 ounces; he endured many complications to include: bilateral brain bleeds, hydrocephalus, dual eye laser surgery, PDA ligation and dual inguinal hernia repair: all within the first 5 months of life.

          As each day passed; my wife Holly and I lived in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of our local hospital. Our family soon discovered a strength that we did not know existed. We watched as our micro preemie son fought for his life. We received phone calls in the middle of the night telling us Holdyn, our son, may not survive the night at which point we were faced with a few decisions that should never have to be made. After 7 brain surgeries, and celebrating his 5th birthday this year, he is still one of the toughest, smartest children I have ever met.

          It was at this moment in my life that I decided helping other families deal with the stressful and quite often insane debt creating situations of having a special needs child. It is way too much for families to deal with alone. By creating the Great Bacon Race; our community can come together, accomplish their own special goals, and help us raise much needed money to directly support families with special needs children; right here in our own community.


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!


James Hanset



Mission + Vision



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"What good is individual success in life, if at the end of the day you have not made a difference in the lives of others" (author unknown)

Our Inaugural race in October of 2013, was originally a plan put together to fund raise one time to benefit premature children. After witnessing the courage, strength and joy exhibited by all of the runners, especially the two little boys that participated in Holdyns' Race, we decided more had to be done; to help many children experience the same thrill of victory regardless of ability.

          We have expanded our program to support not only children born prematurely, but also children who may be on the autism spectrum, children with mobility issues, children affected by hydrocephalus, and children needing assistance with communication.

          We know first hand how expensive therapy and equipment can be; often meaning the child may go without much needed support. Our Goal is to provide grants to help purchase these needed devices and hours of therapy.

          If you know of a family or program that is in need of help, let us know and we will do what we can.

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